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Managing Stress in the Workplace (#Stress #WorkStress)

‘Stress’ continues to be a commonly used buzz word. Work related stress is something most of us can relate to. In the current climate it is even more apt; as people are facing redundancies and staffing levels are being reduced, it is leaving many workers under growing pressures to perform ad reach impossible targets.  

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Work place dynamics – are we ‘In it together’?

There is a way of thinking, referred to as systems thinking, that considers a unit in terms of how its components interact, interrelate and influence one another within a whole. In work places, the components are: people, structures, duties and processes that contribute to make an organisation healthy enough to work towards it’s objectives- or […]

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Avoid work stress – address the ‘gap’ between What do I mean by ‘……’. Well I am referring to the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. This blog will explore what lies between the two realities and how we create what we desire. Perhaps you want to be achieving more from your work than you are […]

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