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September 2015

What’s the deal with these niggling feelings?

One thing you’ll notice about my blogs is that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of awareness, and the foundation of awareness is self-awareness. Some people are better at listening to their bodies than others. If one can listen to themselves, it makes them better at listening to others. And this […]

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The Detached Colleague

I have been this person and I have seen this many times; the colleague who feels apart from their colleagues for one reason or another. It could be self imposed exile; perhaps you don’t agree with the morals of the colleagues around you, or a principled stance – a decision to keep your interactions to […]

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Self-Leadership – What is it?

I run a business that is built on the principles of self-leadership and indeed this is reflective of the trainings I design. So why Self- leadership as opposed to leadership? Well…it occurred to me that among many institutions, there is ample recognition of leadership training and the value of this, but little recognition of the […]

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