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February 2014

A lesson in Humility

Often in my work delivering training, I often attend various seminars- those that I require for my own development, but also seminars developed by other trainers. I hope to compare the quality of work and see where I’m faring better, and where I can improve. It’s not just about vetting the competition, it’s being open […]

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Facing our Fears (Part 1)

FEARS can be a source of stress because it stops us following our dreams or simply doing what we should to overcome a situation. I find this all the time, because although I run a successful business, I get nervous about meeting new clients or proactive gestures like asking for recommendations, etc. Looking back- I’ve […]

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Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail

This blog is designed to give you some ideas and tools to help with Planning and Preparation in order to overcome Procrastination. As the familiar adage goes: ‘Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail’ Without a doubt Planning is the key to success and there are various tools we can use. I will be […]

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