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The Occupational Therapy process versus the Business process

The OT Process is like running a business.
You begin with:
Assessment – This is a document which outlines the key issues, strengths and areas of concern. In your assessment you do a complete and holistic review and at this stage you identify the goals of therapy (or business) so you are clear what you want the therapy (or your business actions) to achieve. Would you ever miss this step in your clinical practice? (I think not!)

Planning– Following the assessment, you are now positioned to start outlining HOW you are going to meet the goals of therapy. What are the steps you are going to take and what are the resources that are going to help you? This is where your business plan comes in. It actually also incorporates the assessment stage. The business plan is the foundations of your business. You can find sample business plans by doing a simple search on google.


Intervention – Now you have done your assessment and planning, you are ready to start treatment. In the same way, your business plan informs the actions you will be taking to ensure you work on your business effectively. Without the planning you’re not as prepared as you otherwise could be. This way, the steps you make are more likely to be well considered ones. You are likely to be clearer of what direction you are going in. You will find the process overall a smoother and less stressful one.

Evaluation – After a period of time you can review how effective your treatment is. Are the actions you are taking yielding the results you seek in business? Are there areas you need to revise?

I hope you have found this blog useful. Running a business has it’s pros and cons. It can be satisfying as well as stressful at other times. Either way, it’s your business so Happy Business Planning!

What now?

As the new year fast approaches and for more information on Planning and Goal setting skills book on the ‘Setting my Intention for the year ahead’ workshop taking place in December 2015!
This blog was inspired by various discussions during the Business Clinic, COTSS-IP (College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section – Independent Practice) Conference 12-13th October 2015. Look out for the next COTSS-IP Conference on 10th and 11th October 2016. Send your enquiries to:


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