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March 2012

Feature Article: Flexible Working

Feature Article by: by Michael Newman, a HR Consultant, Employment Law Advisor You’ve had the baby, maternity leave is over, or you have to return to work after sickness but you don’t want to resume full time working. If you fin d yourself in this position and want to consider the best choices to relieve […]

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Team-building at Work – Know who your Cheerleaders are.

This blog will inspire you to look around your working environment anew! You will start to see old, familiar faces as possible allies and resources – colleagues with whom you can join forces to overcome work pressures and reach your mutual goals. In the business of Work – it can get lonely sometimes- especially for […]

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Spotting Stress in the Employee

The Health and Safety Executive defines stress as: ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed upon them’. As pressure from the current climate grows, we can expect stress in the workplace to grow. In real terms, this means people suffering more, and in business terms, this means lower […]

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