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July 2015

Resilience: Come hell or high water

Sometimes our hardest times can be the turning point. I look back at my life and I can see how this rings true. This blog was inspired by an article I had retained from a couple of years ago – a man’s (Marc Hare) marriage broke up, he was made redundant and broke his leg […]

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Sometimes it can be hard to hold unto faith that we can achieve our goals. However, perspective can help us to shed a light on things. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has done this through small beginnings; it is through these small beginnings that we hone our skills and develop our craft. When we […]

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All aboard the Burn Out steam train?

An article in the Metro, March 2015 stated something many know, but yet many more are slow to acknowledge: Stress dramatically reduces quality of life and for many more, it is a leading factor in causing diseases that lead to premature death. Specifically, it states that people who suffer burnout are more likely to develop […]

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