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Coaching testimonials

Individual Clients:

“I learnt alot while working with Awele. Her professional style enabled me to reap the total benefit of coaching. She helped me found the missing link. I quite appreciate her work!” – Saheed Jimoh

I had a group of four session with Awele. She has been a great listener and has helped me gain focus on how I can improve at running my business, by working on my confidence.

At first I didn’t even know what to ask of her, but she asked many questions and found a pattern in my answers, thus showing me what my fears are and showing me how to change my attitude towards being more positive, confident and proactive.– Veronica Crespi, Style and Image Consultant

I knew Awele a little from Athena Network and got really interested in her approach to personal development. I had always wanted to try NLP / Coaching but didn’t feel so comfortable with anyone before. Awele’s calm and gentle approach made me talk openly and discuss issues with honesty. I started with a long term goal in my mind about my career but over 4 weeks of my consultations it evolved to other aspects of my life. I realised that by looking at some other practical issues like time management I was overall getting clearer with my long term goal too. These Consultations made me look at some parameters and threshholds I held for long time. These sessions with Awele has helped me a great deal to be more realistic about certain areas in my life while being aspirational.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and will be passing the word around.–Ashish Paul, Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic Consultant

‘When I first came to Awele for my sessions, I was very unsure and very fearful. Also I used to think people were both driven and motivated, but as I continued in the sessions I began to understand that it takes time and determination and if you stay with it you will succeed and achieve anything you want to. I originally started the sessions because I wanted to go to college. And after the sessions I learnt there is nothing to be afraid of and I can do it taking things slowly.’– Florence Henry, Make-Up Artist and Student.

‘The most useful aspect of our sessions together was the language that I use when talking myself out of doing something I’m interested in… it changes the perspective I have on things and rather than thinking all the negative things to think the positive.
I think this will give me more drive to want to take a chance because I will be contemplating all the good things that I could achieve.’–Cherrelle Glave, Actress and Writer

Through the sessions with Awele I was able to identify my specific goals enabling me to have a clearer focus, essentially she helped me gain the confidence to get started on my project and stop worrying. — J.D. Fundraising for Charity work in Asia

‘Thanks for the time you have taken in giving me an insight at how you work. It is most interesting and quite complimentary to the Alexander Technique. I like the way you work and deal with people. It seems that it is both caring and professional at the same time.’–Carla Redford, Alexander Technique Practitioner