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October 2015

Awareness of the self

What do we know of ourselves? And do we take note of what we know? We have established that to succeed in the way we want, requires that we are resolute in our resolutions. This demands of us that we change our habits and thus preceding this requires that we are aware of our habits […]

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Being Resolute in our resolutions

January marks a time of new beginnings and with this, it is also a time of resolutions; a desire to make a fresh start. These resolutions might be: to lose weight, to divorce or to meet someone new and everything in between. But amidst all this, it is important to keep our resolutions realistic. It […]

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Mindset Switch for light relief

There comes a dawning, a moment in time when the realisation hits you that you don’t need to struggle; there is a better way. Not necesssarily an easier way, but certainly a better way than you are perhaps exploiting. This has happened to me in many different contexts from personal issues to do with intimate […]

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