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The ‘Dip’ at Work and How to Pull yourself Out

For those of us that run our own businesses, it’s quite a natural part of the process that you feel down at times and at other times, up. This is the case for life and work. The ongoing recession we are in doesn’t help either. It can be frustrating wondering where and when the next job is going to come through. This in itself can be quite stress-inducing. In this blog I focus on the things we can do to relieve this pressure, pull ourselves out of a ‘dip’ ( i.e. those times when we feel demoralised and fed-up) and stand tall to be the visionaries we require to be (in order to run a business successfully).



There are many reasons why you can one day feel fine and another day you feel the mighty weight of all your worries on your shoulders. As a business owner, there are many worries we can face and sometimes all these concerns can come crashing down at once. For more reading around what the Top 5 worries we business owners face in the workplace, read this blog by Rosalee Laws.

For information on how to get out of the dip and up unto your ‘peak’ see the tips below:

Tips for Pulling Yourself out of a ‘Dip’ at Work

  1. Remember you’ve been ‘up and down’ before, so you can recruit the resources you used last time to pull yourself out.
  2. ‘Speed up the Strategy’. So if you normally go through a series of feelings, thoughts and behaviours – when in the ‘dip’ phase – before moving forward, write all these down in a list and systematically (and consciously) work your way through the list- quickly and efficiently- ‘Speed up the Strategy’- then move on! The less time spent in the ‘dip’- the better. This is actually a well-known way of dealing with anxiety- provoking feelings.
  3. Get together with a friend who is forward thinking. Share tips about how you do ‘pulling yourself out of a dip’; share ideas. This will reassure you that it’s normal to feel a bit down sometimes (Just don’t stay down).
  4. Keep inspiring quotes somewhere visible- on your wall, in your diary, notebook or car! When you need to, read through them all- it works. Say them aloud!
  5. Follow Tony Robbins on Twitter; You’ll get tweeted little quotes by all his followers, via tweetdeck,  whilst you work on the computer.
  6. Sing- great, badly, horrifically. Just sing, use that voice! You’ll see, feel and hear the difference it makes!
  7. Speak to someone, daily, who’s business you are interested in, or who’s work or results you admire. But crucially speak to someone who’s interested in your business daily.


  1. Remember humour! (let’s not take ourselves too seriously’.
  2. Remember Music! In addition to singing, listen, and DANCE to your favourite songs. It works wonders! [Then calmly sit down, as if nothing had happened- and carry on with your work].
  3. Remember it’s all part of the life process, there are dips and troughs. Remember it’s all part of Growth. As long as the peaks reign over the dips, you are doing amazingly!


These are all things I do to stay sane with all the ups and down’s of growing a business – I’d like to learn new ways to cope so help me out and share your suggestions here.


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