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Terms of Engagement


These shall be more fully discussed when we begin work together. But for now:

For Coaching

Bring a real desire to get what you want… the rest we will do together.

It is recommended that you commit to 4 initial sessions. The frequency is your choice: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This allows us to build a relationship and carve out a workable strategy toward your outcome.


For Workshops

We design tailor made services for Teams, so we will meet with you for an Initial Consultation to establish what you would like to achieve from our work together.

See our Initial Consultation sheet.

From this we will then, together, discuss and decide how many training sessions your team will require to meet the desired outcomes.

We usually offer sessions in blocks of 6 at fortnightly intervals, though this is negotiable. Sessions are continually evaluated- by formal feedback and written evaluation forms from attendees, as well as debrief sessions between session facilitator (trainer) and team lead representative (Service Lead).

Regular informal review and support is offered throughout the working period; in between sessions, as required.


A confidential, committed service is provided, we ask also for commitment from you, the sensitive nature of therapy means that it is essential for your benefit that you can attend on a regular basis- you decide what this is for you- perhaps weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The duration of the therapy depends on what you want and need and what you are bringing to therapy.

We can always make amendments in response to changes that arise during our work.