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What’s the deal with these niggling feelings?

One thing you’ll notice about my blogs is that I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of awareness, and the foundation of awareness is self-awareness. Some people are better at listening to their bodies than others. If one can listen to themselves, it makes them better at listening to others. And this makes them better at relationships.

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So how does this help Stress?
A ‘niggly feeling’ is there to draw your attention to something that requires your attention; it could be a gut feeling about a certain person, action or work task. Either way, it is there for a reason.

I always think of these niggly feelings as my intuition or as a dear friend who ‘has my back’. There are many examples of times when I have ignored these feelings and it has cost me time, money and frustrations see an example in this blog: ‘Stress-Relief – The wonders of saying no (and maintaining professional integrity)’

Ignorance is not bliss.

I am certainly not advocating a blind obeyance to this ‘sense’ within you, but be cautious about ignoring or dismissing it. The key is to atleast acknowledge the feeling and then you can put safeguards in place- this might be: re-evaluating the situation or verifying the concerns or risk, etc.

Tips to recognise the niggly feelings

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SLOW DOWN – Learn to stop – it might be early in the morning, late at night or sometime during the day. Take a moment to stop and ‘notice’- what do you see, hear, smell? What are the textures around you? When you stop to ‘notice’ you needs-must slow down.

  • When you stop to notice like this, it is both an internal and external act- this activity marries the two beautifully.
  • The more you do this, the better your self awareness will be. You’ll find you start noticing more of what’s going on inside you. It could be a recurrent thought, a lurking pain somewhere. The sooner you realise the earlier you can do something about it – you can take preventative action and stop something worse from developing.
  • The better skilled you become at this, the more you’ll notice things going on around you – now this is essential as this will make you a better team player and a better leader.
  • Again please share your thoughts.

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