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Avoid work stress – address the ‘gap’ between

What do I mean by ‘……’. Well I am referring to the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

This blog will explore what lies between the two realities and how we create what we desire.

Perhaps you want to be achieving more from your work than you are now? What exactly? And how do you plan to achieve it? I am interested in this ‘gap’ in between the two. What is this ‘gap’ made of?


In another extreme, this is the difference between success and failure. The renowned animator Walt Disney has said:

‘The difference between winning and losing, is often not quitting.’

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we often talk about the Current or ‘Problem’ state and the ‘Desired’ state. How to get from one to the other? Isn’t this the question?

Problem state                  +                                  =                  Desired State


So what is missing, what is this ‘gap’?

This gap stage can bring up all sorts of anxiety for people; confusion, anticipation, for others it can represent a constructive challenge and be motivational, still for others, it can be daunting, and it can be all these things for all of us at different times. How wonderful! (not!)

One of the mottos that guides me is:

'Dream it, Create it, Become it'

The ‘gap’ can be considered equivalent to the word ‘create it’. How we are able to create something meaningful using our range of internal and external resources is key to ‘becoming it’ and achieving our desired state and desired goals at work.


Problem State                  +                  Resources                  =                  Desired State


Five Key Resources that can help us achieve our goals

  1. Discipline and other self-management skills
  2. Strategies for managing the daily stresses and responsibilities that comes with working towards a desired goal.
  3. Relaxation strategies to overcome work pressures
  4. Inter-relational skills in order to nurture healthy working relationships with colleagues
  5. Self-awareness skills in order to avoid and rise above conflicts at work.

Interested in knowing more about how to develop these resources for yourself and your colleagues? Then see here for more information.




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