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The trouble with Beliefs… #Stress #WorkStress #Depression

…is that we believe them.

We treat them as if they are written in stone and are real; rather than a thought that we can choose to change!

With ALL beliefs, a question we can ask ourselves is: ‘Does it serve me?’

Pick a core belief of yours. How long have you held this belief? Does it fit in with your current circumstances? Has it responded to changes in your life over time? Is it flexible?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then great. It sounds like it is a constructive belief.

A belief that serves you, like a loyal friend, guides you along your way, like your own moral compass. It means that your behaviours and actions will also fall in line and be conducive towards your goals. You are thus more likely to be congruent and have a better formed idea of yourself and your identity in this respect.

If your answer is ‘no’, then whoa!! Does this belief serve you or do you serve it? Could this be an outdated belief that has little or no place in your current stage of life? You will know, as serving an outdated belief, takes a lot of energy. How does this belief affect your behaviours, your choices? Do you get a sense of being unsatisfied? In situations related to this belief, you might find that you feel tired, frustrated. There might be a lot of confusing feelings that are stirred up and you feel at a loss as to why.

Sometimes we can hold on to beliefs that served us at a particular moment in time, it is like we remain loyal to this belief. To help in these kinds of situations, you can ask yourself:

  • What is the positive intention of this belief?
  • What function is this belief serving?
  • What might be a slightly more positive belief instead?
  • How does it feel like, sound like, seem when I replace the old belief with this new belief?
  • What is an empowering belief to replace the old belief.

Try this exercise and let me know how you get on!

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