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The twelve days of Christmas and the accompanying twelve kinds of people to avoid (each day) for a Stress-free Christmas


I could not find a more suitable image to accompany this blog, so I thought instead this image of twelve donoughts would suffice; you can reward yourself each day with a donought – each time you successfully avoid the following twelve kinds of people:

  1. People that do not respect your boundaries. So this is the kind of person that pushes you to do, try or give more.
  2. People who do not pull their weight. A pet peeve of mine – if they are not going to pull their weight then what’s the purpose of them being around?
  3. People who are irresponsible – this type of person can be linked to he or she above. They just make your life harder.
  4. People who are unreliable. You may as well rely o yourself then you know you’ll get it done, and done the way you like it too.
  5. People who are miserable and want you to join them there. Enough said.
  6. People who feel like your spare time is up for grabs. Double Duck these people. There’s no point discussing. Note: two Capital D’s.

7. People who use the ‘royal we’. Especially if such a person is sat firmly o the sofa with their legs crossed and looking decisively like they do not plan to get up anytime soon.

8. People who are ‘tight’. Such people are just frustrating and betray the Christmas spirit.
9. People who don’t listen to you anyway. So what’s the point talking to them?
10. Unkind people. Your kindness will be lost on them anyway. But more so – you don’t deserve their unkindness over Christmas.
11. Lazy people. If they will not clear up after themselves; then by not having them around they cannot make a mess and leave it for you to clear up; wins all around.
12. People who lack integrity. This will give you peace for your soul and wellbeing over Christmas.

You might be thinking that many of these people are family members and so it can be hard to avoid them (in fact my daughter would tick some of these boxes – but I can hardly avoid her) but a good strategy is to ‘turn down the volume’ – imagine that there’s a filter between them and you. This is easier than it may seem; just drown out their voice as you would the TV in the background. It works! Then relax and eat the dessert of your choice.


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