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stress management

The relationship between Sleep and Stress

I wrote recently about ‘rest and rest anxiety’, however, I have not written about sleep at all but I was compelled to do so after I attended a seminar recently. Of course I know sleep is relevant but I had not fully acknowledged how crucial it is and how much our sleep habits can impact […]

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Stress at Work Showcase, July 2014

The Stress at Work Showcase brought to you by Awele Odeh, The Work Stress Buster & deep:black Share this page: and see latest press coverage links below   Why this ‘Stress at Work’ Showcase? If you’ve ever experienced stress in the workplace- high workloads, not enough staff, frustration due to growing paperwork, beaurocracy, bullying and […]

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A lesson in Humility

Often in my work delivering training, I often attend various seminars- those that I require for my own development, but also seminars developed by other trainers. I hope to compare the quality of work and see where I’m faring better, and where I can improve. It’s not just about vetting the competition, it’s being open […]

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Fresh Workspaces

This blog will inspire you to use your local environment to stimulate your effectiveness at work. I just spent a warm sunny afternoon walking around the heart of London and taking some pictures of interesting outdoor workspaces. Through the trainings I deliver I’ve come to realise how crucial the workspace is to our productivity; the […]

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