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Fresh Workspaces

This blog will inspire you to use your local environment to stimulate your effectiveness at work.

I just spent a warm sunny afternoon walking around the heart of London and taking some pictures of interesting outdoor workspaces.

Through the trainings I deliver I’ve come to realise how crucial the workspace is to our productivity; the right kind of environment can impact positively on the task you seek to achieve. As I walk around places like those pictured, the movement also helps my mind to become more fluid; it’s like the neurones in my head start to work; they sizzle and connect and networks that couldn’t form before – ignite!

St Katharine's dock... a picture of calm...

St Katharine’s dock… a picture of calm…

For example, on a course I delivered recently, one of the attendees stated that they often stayed at work long after colleagues had left because then and only then, did they have the peace and quiet required to get key tasks done. They worked in an open plan space and did not have a separate office (there was an available box office but neither did they like to work in enclosed spaces). So this presented a quandary for the attendee; they were quite perplexed as this situation was effecting how well they could perform their tasks – leading to worry and stress at work as they felt their ability to reach their performance targets was  at risk.

Through the discussions that ensued, they came to realise that there were ways to get the peace they required whilst working effectively (within working hours). Some suggestions that were made included use of coffee shops, and of course local parks and public gardens. It’s funny, but the attendee had not fully considered this as a viable option that was available to them; there were rich, vibrant parks local to their offices that they had never before considered as an outdoor ‘workspace’.

Certainly not all tasks can be performed using your local environment, however where this is a possibility, it is an option fully worth considering and making a habit out of doing routinely. I have a feeling that it will transform your whole experience of the ‘work place’; this includes your experience of work and your performance. I know it certainly has for me.

Trinity gardens, Tower Hamlets, London

Trinity gardens, Tower Hamlets, London

In London, England where I am based, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor workspaces, or ‘Fresh Workspaces’ as I like to call them. Take a look at the pictures here.

I am a great believer in taking the work into new surroundings- this has a liberating effect on our creative juices. This can be a tactic employed, as mentioned, on a routine basis, especially when as a worker you are feeling a block to either your creativity or productivity. Or perhaps you just need to feel rejuvenated!


These pictures are taken around the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by The Tower of London, next to the Thames.

Gardens beside Tower Gateway, London

Gardens beside Tower Gateway, London

Where are other ‘Fresh workspaces’ around where you work? These could either be quiet places hidden away, or more popular places. The important thing is that you consider it a place that inspires; a ‘Fresh Workspace’.

Take some pictures of place, name and location and post on: or @wrkstressbuster

I would love to see your pictures!

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