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Breaking the Mold

I sometimes catch myself editing myself when I feel that by being honest, I might ‘cause a scene’. But the more I read, and the more I blog, I get inspired to risk being myself more. A couple of recent blogs have contributed to this additional ‘grease to my elbow’. The first is: ‘Women who […]

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Generosity in Business

I have come to realise that above all, generosity at work, is the best way to success.  By ‘generosity’, I refer to generosity in all its forms: sharing your time, skills, resources, wealth and even your relationships/ contacts. Being generous demonstrates that you are secure and fruitful; imagine the opposite- someone who does not share […]

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Facing our Fears (Part 1)

FEARS can be a source of stress because it stops us following our dreams or simply doing what we should to overcome a situation. I find this all the time, because although I run a successful business, I get nervous about meeting new clients or proactive gestures like asking for recommendations, etc. Looking back- I’ve […]

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Sowing Wise seeds for 2014

How do you envisage the year ahead? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous… instead might I ask: ‘ Do you have a vision of the year ahead?’ If yes, great- we’ll get to that. If not, then perhaps your vision of the year could be described as a tunnel- but you don’t know where it […]

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Setting my Intention for 2014 workshop

                                      Start your new year off with a bang! Workshop: For busypeople who want practical strategies to use to STAY ON COURSE!    In 2013, did you… 1) Feel out of sorts? 2) Operate at your best? 3) […]

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