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Facing our Fears (Part 1)

FEARS can be a source of stress because it stops us following our dreams or simply doing what we should to overcome a situation. I find this all the time, because although I run a successful business, I get nervous about meeting new clients or proactive gestures like asking for recommendations, etc.

Looking back- I’ve been doing this for 5 years now and you’d think I should be used to it now, but no, I still get nervous when it comes to picking up the phone or sending an email.
But like the book says, feel the fear and do it anyway! (Book by Susan Jeffers) After all what is fear- but a feeling? A thought even. It is nothing more, nothing less and why should you or I, let it get in the way of us achieving the peace or success we seek in our lives/ work/ business?
It can seem ‘easier said than done’, however once we do it, it’s also true that we realise often, that it was easier than we thought it would be.
Also, it comes down to practice, what we practice, we become better at- be it facing or avoiding our fears.

So let’s practice the skills that will serve us best; skills that will lead us to success!
Look out for Facing our Fears (Part 2)

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