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Sowing Wise seeds for 2014

How do you envisage the year ahead? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous… instead might I ask: ‘ Do you have a vision of the year ahead?’ If yes, great- we’ll get to that. If not, then perhaps your vision of the year could be described as a tunnel- but you don’t know where it will lead, or if there will be light at the end of it…

I am seeing 2014 as a garden, or better still, a park (I love parks)- rife with possibilities and opportunities and with many different rich areas of interest.
Of course I can only tend to (and enjoy) one part of the garden at one time.

Flower_Blooming Flowers in the garden can represent my achievements; the accomplishments I want to nurture and maintain. Weeds can represent disappointments- the things I want to get under control and replace with more flowers.

wilted-flower1Of course, to remove the weeds, I need to pull from the roots- so this means we have to look at the reasons for disappointments and failures. What have lead to them- so we can address the root causes; our thoughts, behaviours habits that contribute to the same mistakes being made again and again.

Like weeds, we do not address things once, and expect the problem to be eradicated; we maintain a consistent strategy- regularly overtime. My strategy when I have negative thoughts, is to immediately replace it with a positive retort- something that is meaningful and encouraging to replace the discouraging rhetoric that I admit I barrage myself with sometimes.

Next, the soil: Of course without this, there is nothing- no flowers (and no weeds)- so what is there? A life with no achievements and no failures? What kind of a garden or park would that make? It is the mix of our achievements and failures/ disappointments/ mistakes that create a rich life full of vibrancy- reflected in the colours of all the flowers and plants that we see.

Gardens beside Tower Gateway.

Gardens beside Tower Gateway.

When we walk around a park or take the time to nurture a garden, we know the time and effort it takes to get a garden we can be proud of. The same applies to our selves.

We have many avenues: self help, seeking a professional gardener, or coach – the choice is up to us. It is always about making a decision to make us better, seeking the help or support we need, applying and committing ourselves and sticking with the plan. I wonder what you think… drop me a line to let me know.

If I can be of help to you in anyway- please get in touch- there are resources such as self help books I have used that I can recommend- as well as Coaches with a variety of specialisms depending on what may be useful to you. Last but not least, check out details for the ‘Setting my Intention for 2014’ workshop- taking place on January 28th 2014.

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