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Setting my Intention for 2014 workshop

                                      Start your new year off with a bang! Workshop: For busypeople who want practical strategies to use to STAY ON COURSE!    In 2013, did you… 1) Feel out of sorts? 2) Operate at your best? 3) […]

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A 2 hour networking event takes 16 hours!!

Tips to becoming an Empowered little Networker! This blog will help you to make the most of your networking potential.    So, you want to start networking but you’re not sure quite how…? Well that’s the easy part. The first thing is to know why you’re wanting to network in the first place? The typical […]

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Fresh Workspaces

This blog will inspire you to use your local environment to stimulate your effectiveness at work. I just spent a warm sunny afternoon walking around the heart of London and taking some pictures of interesting outdoor workspaces. Through the trainings I deliver I’ve come to realise how crucial the workspace is to our productivity; the […]

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Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence

‘Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence’. Is that the time already? Ever find yourself thinking this? Ever not? No, it’s a fact- we all have exactly the same amount of available time- just the 24 hours per day- in which to do EVERYTHING. So it’s then about how we make clever use of […]

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