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Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence

‘Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence’.

Is that the time already? Ever find yourself thinking this? Ever not?

No, it’s a fact- we all have exactly the same amount of available time- just the 24 hours per day- in which to do EVERYTHING. So it’s then about how we make clever use of the time we’ve got. Another way this is commonly referred to is: ‘Working Smart’. This is about achieving the greatest outcomes, in record time and with minimal pain!

It is simple when you know how and this knowledge can impact favourably on not just business but other areas of our personal lives.

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Businesses are under increasing strain: to maintain quality and be productive with ever decreasing resources.

So what is the impact of this? If businesses care not careful, it can mean: colleagues feeling demoralised at work, difficulty concentrating, and thus less productivity and in some cases: Work related stress, work place conflicts and poor work life balance. These can arise as people feel the pressure to meet targets and therefore work longer and harder, but not necessarily more effectively or efficiently. And as far as work satisfaction is concerned- that goes completely out the window!

Working Smart is about:

  • Identifying clear outcomes supported by SMART Objectives.
  • Specifying a deadline and time frame for key activities
  • Prioritising the workload e.g. in order of importance, income generation, etc.
  • Acceptance- of what is reasonably possible and what is not and thus:
  • Contingency planning

In this working climate, lost time is lost revenue. How we manage our time is central to our effectiveness, efficiency and ultimately our productivity. Yet, it can feel like an uphill struggle.

So what can we do about it?
The first step is to acknowledge that time is real and we have a real relationship with it. And in any relationship, each party wants to be acknowledged, valued and treated with respect. It can seem strange to think about ‘time’ in this way; If you find that there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time, then begin by asking yourself this: ‘what is my relationship with my time like….?’ How do I treat it? Are my expectations (of it) reasonable?

In these hard times, how we can skilfully manage our time is our core business. This skill can result in business owners and their staff feeling a greater sense of satisfaction in their work, and therefore more enthusiasm and energy to be more creative with regard to their business objectives and outcomes. It can feel like the sun has come out!


Without these skills it can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety at work. Without these skills and the sense of being in control it brings, as mentioned above, morale can become affected, ultimately leading to stress in some cases and greater incidence of sickness absences. With the right tools, these situations can all be avoided.

I run a workshop: Work Smart: Your Time is of the Essence’,. If you find that there doesn’t ever seem to be enough time- this workshop is for you.

Come along and discover strategies to help you make more optimal use of your available time. It’s not magic- it’s simply easy when you know how, and you practice.

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