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CPD Accredited Training – The Self-Leadership Training

The Self-Leadership series of trainings has just been CPD Accredited by The CPD standards office! Benefits of CPD Accreditation So what does this mean for you? It means that when you attend training by The Work stress Buster, you will be attending a programme that has undergone a series of rigorous checks to ensure the […]

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Sometimes it can be hard to hold unto faith that we can achieve our goals. However, perspective can help us to shed a light on things. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has done this through small beginnings; it is through these small beginnings that we hone our skills and develop our craft. When we […]

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Courageous conversations at work

Is there someone you need to have a frank and honest heart to heart with? Do you need to speak your mind to someone? It takes courage to have these conversations sometimes. Our fears about how the situation might pan out can hold us back. At times I have been brave at other times less […]

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Generosity in Business

I have come to realise that above all, generosity at work, is the best way to success.  By ‘generosity’, I refer to generosity in all its forms: sharing your time, skills, resources, wealth and even your relationships/ contacts. Being generous demonstrates that you are secure and fruitful; imagine the opposite- someone who does not share […]

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Stress at Work Showcase, July 2014

The Stress at Work Showcase brought to you by Awele Odeh, The Work Stress Buster & deep:black Share this page: and see latest press coverage links below   Why this ‘Stress at Work’ Showcase? If you’ve ever experienced stress in the workplace- high workloads, not enough staff, frustration due to growing paperwork, beaurocracy, bullying and […]

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A lesson in Humility

Often in my work delivering training, I often attend various seminars- those that I require for my own development, but also seminars developed by other trainers. I hope to compare the quality of work and see where I’m faring better, and where I can improve. It’s not just about vetting the competition, it’s being open […]

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