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Sometimes it can be hard to hold unto faith that we can achieve our goals. However, perspective can help us to shed a light on things. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has done this through small beginnings; it is through these small beginnings that we hone our skills and develop our craft.


When we are called to do something; to provide a service, to apply a skill, we must take care of this calling – by nurturing it’s growth. This is achieved by all the little things that we do (even those things that might appear to be insignificant) e.g. learning, planning, researching, sleeping well, looking after ourselves, pushing ourselves,facing our fears, resting well, keeping good company etc…
I knew someone who would say: ‘I want to be a business man; I want to fly to Japan, Thailand, Australasia for meetings’. It was all a pipe dream. How do I know this? Because he was not willing to go to school to learn the craft he required to reach this position. He just wanted to be what he perceived as ‘great’. As a late, but notable author Nathaniel Branden put it: ‘Without action, that’s a child’s fantasy’.

So what are you doing to hone the skills you’ve been blessed with? How well are you developing the service you have been called to provide? Let’s not take for granted these small beginnings; be faithful in the small.
With due deligence we work towards the success we enjoy in the future.

Your responses are eagerly awaited.

Read his book: ‘The Six Pillars of Self-esteem’, by Nathaniel Branden

Not sure? then you can read my review of this book here.

photo credit: Even if the path is a little blurry, keep walking. You’ll focus in when you know what you want. Then the picture of your life will be crystal clear. Just don’t ever give up via photopin (license)

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