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Do Vision and Mission Statements Work?

I have worked with so many organisations which although they have mission and vision statements in place- do not actually live by or follow them. Usually the staff do not know what the company vision and mission statements are and moreover, if they do, they do not believe in them – they see their organisations’ […]

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The Top Five places- to go for help with Work issues

This blog is for those people facing problems at work and want to know where they can find out information and get support. Below I summarise five key organisations that support the welfare of workers in the UK. I also give details of their websites where you can seek further information.  Health and Safety Executive […]

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To pay or not to pay?

I recently had a discussion with a potential client who wanted me to do a piece of work… for free. This person is a professional in the same field as I am and I was taken aback by his assumption that I would be willing to work for free. As a person who is self-employed […]

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