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Awareness of the self

What do we know of ourselves? And do we take note of what we know?
We have established that to succeed in the way we want, requires that we are resolute in our resolutions. This demands of us that we change our habits and thus preceding this requires that we are aware of our habits in the first place. Much personal stress arises out of poor knowledge and appreciation of one’s strengths, skills and areas of weakness.


Let me ask you: What are your tendencies when you make a new plan or decision?
Does it go anything like this?

  1. Make a decision
  2. Talk self out of it
  3. Make some lack lustre efforts
  4. Tell yourself ‘see I can’t do it!’

Do you find ways to sabotage yourself or do you find ways to encourage yourself? Or is it somewhere in between?

Bringing awareness to both our helpful and unhelpful habits and tendencies can make valuable difference when we want to achieve a new goal – something by definition which will take us out of our comfort zone (and push our buttons).

‘Real awareness is true consciousness.’

awareness of self


How do we overcome self-sabotage that can block real self-awareness?
Identify ways to encourage yourslef that WORKS; be it a statement, a person or a picture. Keep this around you so when you get tempted by poor habits you have a shield (a defence).

The scholars say that it takes 21-28 days for a habit to become second nature. So give yourself this time, and allow the competence to form and grow.

Remember: Discipline – Action – Support.

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