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Mindset Switch for light relief

There comes a dawning, a moment in time when the realisation hits you that you don’t need to struggle; there is a better way. Not necesssarily an easier way, but certainly a better way than you are perhaps exploiting.

light bulb

This has happened to me in many different contexts from personal issues to do with intimate and personal relationships to issues at work and my business.

I recall when I first started my business, making cold calls to people I thought might be interested in my services; until it dawned me that I should re focus on KEY business contacts rather than random acquaintances. This relieved the pressure and made my work more enjoyable as I was focussing my energies on tasks that I wanted to do. I met a colleague who refers to this shift in thinking as the ‘mindset reset’. It happens when you arrive at a sudden realsiation – it is often understated but with life changing consequences.
My last such moment was at a recent 3-day seminar called the ‘Success Summit’. I cannot recall how many times the speaker mentioned the word ‘Hawaii’, in references to his holidays there. And this is the sentence he said that struck a chord with me: ‘Shouldn’t this be what your life is? Being unable to remember how many times you’ve been to Hawaii?’ Indeed this sounds to me as a great problem to have. His advice was that we require to be smart with our finances in order to enjoy the good life. Another mindset reset moment was that saving:

£100/month with 0.5% standard bank rate interest, yields £1,000 in 20 years.
£100/ month with 7% ISA, yields £14,000 in 20 years.

Food for thought that I’ll leave you with too. A mindset switch or mindset reset affords us better choices which can make an all together better impact on our quality of life.

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