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Team-building at Work – Know who your Cheerleaders are.

This blog will inspire you to look around your working environment anew! You will start to see old, familiar faces as possible allies and resources – colleagues with whom you can join forces to overcome work pressures and reach your mutual goals.

In the business of Work – it can get lonely sometimes- especially for sole traders:

Joining forces with colleagues that are in a similar position can help us feel less alone; more integrated and connected and with this comes stronger working relationships and a greater sense of work satisfaction.

Personal Story: I recently found myself in the company of 3 amazing women. We took turns to identify our goals and receive suggestions to help us achieve them. These were not colleagues in my immediate working environment, however the process was just as powerful.

Through this process of goal setting, we shared about personal matters which influence or inhibit our success in the workplace; hearing others and being heard is very therapeutic. This in itself was inspiring and nurturing.


‘Dead lines’ were set- by which we were required to take action towards achieving our goals and we were accountable to each other.

 It was a wonderful experience to have been part of; magical even. Within 2-3 days we had started working towards our goals. These goals were personal and / or professional in nature.

Far from lonely, being part of  this experience, helped me feel connected and reassured that I am working with kindred spirits. Joining forces with others in this way has many advantages:

  • More sense of connection and integration,
  • Greater sense of work satisfaction,
  • Opportunity to contribute to and share with others.

In a nutshell, joining forces or working together, really enables and champions growth. It really is as though a bit of magic happens. Everyone feels it- it’s fertile. It can help in very practical ways too:

  • It can help with low self-esteem at work
  • It can help you deal with stress
  • It can help you deal with anxiety
  • It can be a way of managing and resolving conflicts and difficult working relationships

So who are your kindred spirits, cheerleaders or Champion Team?

As I write this, I slowly realise that actually, I am part of 2 or 3.

How to source your Champion Team in a Nutshell:

  • Awareness- Your champion team may already exist, but ‘without title’. Take the time to look around you; Answer this: what is your commitment to your team? Are you committed to working towards your goals and creating a thriving team?


  • Support- No person is an island! We cannot work successfully in isolation – we know business thrives on relationships. So who are those you would like to work with? Who would you like to recruit into your champion team? Who would you elect to recruit into your working environment? Networking is a good way to build worthwhile links with other people. Take the stress out of this process and read about how to become an empowered little networker.
  • Take the time to plan your business like you would plan a party, e.g. who would you invite? Who would you like to see and What would you like to do? What will be the menu/ theme/ agenda? Be excited about this event that you are so invested in; enjoy it. (Mary Kay)
  • Action- Identify the key objectives- that you’d like your Champion Team to fulfil. Plan out how exactly you will work together to achieve your aims.
  • Attitude- What do you tell yourself about what’s possible? Have an enabling attitude- not a disabling one.

Then watch what happens.
What next?

If you’d like to explore this further, the Self-Leadership training is the training for you! Come, share and learn with likeminded working people who want to take life by the horns. If this is you – then self-leadership is the only way forward!

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