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Being Resolute in our resolutions

January marks a time of new beginnings and with this, it is also a time of resolutions; a desire to make a fresh start. These resolutions might be: to lose weight, to divorce or to meet someone new and everything in between. But amidst all this, it is important to keep our resolutions realistic. It […]

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Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail

This blog is designed to give you some ideas and tools to help with Planning and Preparation in order to overcome Procrastination. As the familiar adage goes: ‘Fail to Plan and you Plan to fail’ Without a doubt Planning is the key to success and there are various tools we can use. I will be […]

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What’s your Intention for 2014?

  So, you have an idea what you want to achieve in 2014…but can’t quite put it into words… but it’s there. Does this sound familiar? Well, following this example through, say you were driving somewhere, and you had some idea where you wanted to go, but hadn’t planned where… well, you would be taking […]

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