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Rest & Rest Anxiety

This year to date has marked a super busy and stressful 5 month for me. As I look back, I realise how physically and intellectually demanding it has been as well as emotionally draining. It is only now I think to myself- ‘oh that’s why I had so many mouth ulcers’. My work has been […]

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Team-building at Work – Know who your Cheerleaders are.

This blog will inspire you to look around your working environment anew! You will start to see old, familiar faces as possible allies and resources – colleagues with whom you can join forces to overcome work pressures and reach your mutual goals. In the business of Work – it can get lonely sometimes- especially for […]

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Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence

‘Work Smart- Your Time is of the Essence’. Is that the time already? Ever find yourself thinking this? Ever not? No, it’s a fact- we all have exactly the same amount of available time- just the 24 hours per day- in which to do EVERYTHING. So it’s then about how we make clever use of […]

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