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Working your pitch at networking events

Networking is key to running a successful business. Why? Well networking is an opportunity to get ‘out there’ and and tell people about your services. You cannot get customers if your customers don’t know you exist. So networking is a important way of increasing your profile and growing your business.

See my previous *document about how to find useful networking opportunities near you.

So when you attend networking events how do you ‘sell’ yourself?
These are my ‘Five top tips’ to keep in mind:

1.You are not there to sell yourself, your products or your services.
Instead, you want to be prepared, composed and professional; your demeanour is what will ‘sell’ you as a person worth doing business with.
To prepare you want to arrive early and have clear aims of what you would like to achieve from attending the event – ask yourself what you are attending the event for? Who would you like to meet? What do you want to learn? What do you seek to share and whom do you want to share this information to – who is your target audience?

2. Preparation is key.
If someone asks you what you do, what will you say? It is useful to have your ‘pitch’ prepared:
-Start by introducing yourself: Your name and profession
-Say who you work with
-How you work
-And what your customer will gain from working with you.
-Highlight a promotion
-End by saying your name and profession again


Keep it simple so that your customer can hear the essence of your message and retain the information. You want to be very clear so your customer knows exactly what you do and how you can help them.




See the example below:

Hello, I’m Awele Odeh, Occupational Therapist – my business name is: The Work Stress Buster
I typically work with Proactive managers who are keen to help their staff overcome the pain and pressure points which lead to demoralisation and sickness absences at work.
I provide 1 to 1 or team support; Occupational therapy and CPD Accredited Training which can help you see the current problems from new perspectives.
If you’d like to book a session today, you’ll receive a 33% discount.
Who do you know that could benefit from my services?
I’m Awele Odeh, Occupational Therapist, The Work Stress Buster

3. Composure is paramount
Be composed; in addition to knowing what to say, confidence speaks volumes – so practice your pitch so that it is slick. Key to this is keeping your pitch simple and honest.

4. Be Professional
Know your stuff- people can tell if you are someone who is informed and experienced. If you cannot help someone directly – be honest and helpful and forward them on to where they can get the help they seek. You will be remembered as an expert in your field who has worthwhile connections – this is the foundations on which meaningful working relationships are built. You are therefore more likely to get referrals.
Dress the part – look smart so that first impressions are of someone that one can do business with.


5. Enjoy Yourself!
Don’t take yourself too seriously- convey that you enjoy your work as this will also convey to your customers that you will be a great person to do business with also. Whilst networking – enjoy the experience of meeting new people. Be genuinely inquisitive about meeting new potential customers and business partners.

* Please email me to request this exclusive PDF document.

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