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Sometimes it can be hard to hold unto faith that we can achieve our goals. However, perspective can help us to shed a light on things. Anyone who has ever achieved anything has done this through small beginnings; it is through these small beginnings that we hone our skills and develop our craft. When we […]

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Leadership: Leading on every level

There are many forms of leadership. But first of all consider these types: is a boss, manager, supervisor and leader all the same thing? Can you spot the different types in the people all around you? And what type are you? And what type are you to yourself? What is for sure is that a […]

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Generosity in Business

I have come to realise that above all, generosity at work, is the best way to success.  By ‘generosity’, I refer to generosity in all its forms: sharing your time, skills, resources, wealth and even your relationships/ contacts. Being generous demonstrates that you are secure and fruitful; imagine the opposite- someone who does not share […]

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Sowing Wise seeds for 2014

How do you envisage the year ahead? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so presumptuous… instead might I ask: ‘ Do you have a vision of the year ahead?’ If yes, great- we’ll get to that. If not, then perhaps your vision of the year could be described as a tunnel- but you don’t know where it […]

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Team-building at Work – Know who your Cheerleaders are.

This blog will inspire you to look around your working environment anew! You will start to see old, familiar faces as possible allies and resources – colleagues with whom you can join forces to overcome work pressures and reach your mutual goals. In the business of Work – it can get lonely sometimes- especially for […]

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