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Networking Skills for Business

How we manage our working relationships is central to our success. How well we relate and communicate with our customers, colleagues and clients can make or break us. Self-empowerment is the first part in this process- fully appreciating our value, skill and contribution. We must believe we are indispensable and have something unique to offer- or why are we here?

What attendees will gain from attending:

  • How to nurture working relationships
  • The benefits of partnering
  • How we can best translate this in communication with colleagues or clients
  • Understanding and maximizing the value of our spheres of influence
  • Key listening skills- Strategies to get your message across and be heard

Dates- training available upon request. If there are 4 or more attendees from your company seeking to attend, it will be cost effective for The Work Stress Buster to come to you.
Contact us to discuss details.