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How your environment can affect your levels of Stress

We spend at least 7 hours a day at work, and some spend dramatically more than this. In a week the figure can be anywhere from 35 to over 60 hours. That’s why the work environment is so important. If it’s not a suitable or conducive work environment, it can be like hell! There’s no other word for it.


Tips to improve the work environment


Social Environment

Where possible keep open, friendly colleagues close, and disengage or limit contact with those who are negative or destructive in their attitude. This helps you remain mentally strong to deal with the trials, pressures and tribulations at work.

It does require discipline to be able to put this into practice but my experience does show that this is the best way. You end up paying in some way if you don’t.


Physical Environment

St Katharine's dock... a picture of calm...

St Katharine’s dock… a picture of calm…

De-clutter regularly. Clear your office space area. Keep it clean. Needless to say, this promotes clarity.

Also take note of alternative physical spaces that may be conducive to you achieving your key tasks. Do you normally work indoors? Could you take your work out to a local café? Or a nearby park? A bench by a river? New spaces can provide a stimulating environment for our creative juices. Read more about this in this blog: Fresh Workspaces


Psychological Environment

It’s also useful to take a walk around the work environment to get a sense of the ‘felt atmosphere’ around the building. Is it one of cooperation, fear, high stress – usually it can be very tangible. Is the felt atmosphere conducive to the work objectives?

An awareness of the collective consensus at work lets you know where you stand (and what you can expect) and you can therefore respond accordingly. For more advice on how to safeguard yourself in the workplace, read : ‘Who is Rowing your boat?’


What next?

And see about attending the next Self-Leadership Training series. This explores ways in which we can reduce our stress by making the most of our self-awareness and control within our work environment.

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