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A Day at Work can be heaven…?

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Who believes this (A day at work can be heaven)? Ever thought that there MUST be a better way? Ever wondered why the system (the way work is organised) functions in the way it does? Ever felt like you HAVE to fight for your own work life balance? It’s such a shame but more so, being at work can feel like a battle. And sometimes what we experience we bear the silent scars of… and no-one ever knows the extent of our pain.

Whilst I’ve been commuting to and from work, I’ve come across articles and statistics in the local papers related to work place health and here’s what I’ve found: Metro newspaper, Feb 2014: in the UK, there were 131 million days lost to sickness last year, 15.2 million days due to stress, depression and anxiety. The Evening Standard, April 2014 says that half of working londoners plan to make a job move and that talent retention is now a major concern for employers as employees leave taking with them their skills (naturally) but also their relationships: “… the number of public sector workers has fallen from 24.6% of the workforce in 1994-5 to just over 20% last year”. I am sure this trend is replicated in many big cities across the UK too.

Some Signs to look out for when someone is ‘disconnecting from their job:
A noticeable change in attitude from enthusiastic to indifferent
Taking longer lunch breaks
Reduction in productivity
Forgetting deadlines, meetings an appointments
The Evening Standard, April 2014

However, despite all this negativity, there are small things we can do to transform a day at work and make it a ‘little piece of heaven’- even for an hour.

The picture above represents a day in the life of my work – fine it’s not always like this, but when I work, I try to (when possible) surround myself with stimulating environments. This was a day when I had supervision. Would you not agree that such an environment would be stimulating one for reflective practice?
It really takes an open mind and an open spirit to make a ‘normal’ day at work something different that goes a long way and transforms a ‘normal’ working day.
So what are the inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces around your workplace? Read more about ‘fresh workspaces‘.

If you don’t make an effort to make your normal workday that bit better- no-one else will…

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