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Resilience Training

For Companies and Organisations undergoing change:

Do you desire Resilience Training for your team? If you have a group of colleagues who might benefit from training as outlined below, then get in touch. This training is especially designed for organisations that are going through change; staff cuts, diminishing resources and uncertainty. It might be that you have pulled through such change already but feel that resilience training might further embolden your colleagues, or perhaps change is on the horizon and you would like this training to support your colleagues through this process. This training would also benefit NHS, health and public sector workers.

What attendees gain from attending:

  • Resilience v Stress Management – an exercise in perspective
  • The advantages of being solution rather than problem focussed
  • Ways to increase your energy levels and improve resilience at work
  • Strategies to embed resilience into daily work tasks
  • Structures that engender positive relations at work
  • Harnessing the wisdom in the individual and the team


Dates- training available upon request. If there are 4 or more attendees from your company seeking to attend, it will be cost effective for The Work Stress Buster to come to you.
Contact us to discuss details.