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Rest & Rest Anxiety

This year to date has marked a super busy and stressful 5 month for me. As I look back, I realise how physically and intellectually demanding it has been as well as emotionally draining. It is only now I think to myself- ‘oh that’s why I had so many mouth ulcers’. My work has been busy in my three disciplines: Training, Psychotherapy and Occupational Therapy… yet any Self-employed person will tell you this is a good thing and not to be sniffed at in the least. However, coupled with family needs, demands and crises I don’t know how I coped!

A common sentence that was never far from my lips at this time was ‘I need a rest’. I was always thinking this (and never got it). However there is now light since I reached the end of the tunnel! And I am enjoying every minute of it. The tension that was held within my body is now apparent to me because now that I have slowed down, I feel noticeably lighter in my mind, body and spirit. It is as though my body feels the relief.

I’m enjoying practising the piano, reading inspiring books, spending time with family and friends and indeed; spending time alone. The sound of peace and quiet is lovely.

But dare I say it in some quiet times and obscene thought creeps in to say: ‘this is weird… not doing anything’. However I have to say I have no problem in quashing that thought quickly! I am no moron! or work martyr! No way! I am still enjoying my time of rest (after all this time won’t last forever).

How to Recognise signs of ‘rest anxiety’
You find it difficult to settle
You feel guilty if you are not working
It feels uncomfortable to be ‘sat doing nothing’
You find the experience of ‘rest’ unpalatable
You cannot shake the thought that you should be / could be doing something useful
You struggle to accept that resting is ‘doing something useful’

Read this blog for 5 strategies on ‘learning to Rest’ (scroll to the bottom of the page) – and if you have any tips of your own, do let me know.

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