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Leadership: Leading on every level

There are many forms of leadership. But first of all consider these types:
is a boss, manager, supervisor and leader all the same thing?
Can you spot the different types in the people all around you? And what type are you? And what type are you to yourself?

What is for sure is that a true leader sets an example. They lead by example. A poor leader- will set a target for you that they cannnot reach themselves.


Can you spot the leaders all around you? People who are strong and consistent in certain areas where you may not be? People that can teach you and help you raise your game? And people who would assist you gracefully?
We are all on a journey where leadership is concerned, and to master leadership of others, rests on a firm foundation of effective self-leadership. There is a saying that: ”Leaders show the way ahead”, so they must themselves have vision and know where they are planning to go themselves.

At a recent conference for Occupational Therapist (COT Annual Conference 2014), a seminar lead by Mark Spybey, Leadership Programme Manager at an NHS Foundation Trust, listed some of the following as the Top Ten characteristics of great leaders:

1. Self- Management
2. Don’t blame circumstances
3. Make the world around and within a better place (a beautiful concept)
4. Persistent
5. Humble
6. Set the example- they are the change they wish to see
7. Reflect, praise, challenge and escalate as the situation warrants
8. Serve through people – thus grow leaders (a crucial role for a true leader)
9. Engage in own development
10. Invest in others

What next?
See this 3 minute video called ‘Dancing Guy’ – a hilarious take on leadership with an important message: followers are just as important as leaders… well worth a watch!
Interested in our Self-Leadership training? see here for details

What additional characteristics do you believe defines a true leader? Share the top 2 characteristics which mean the most to you.

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