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Frustrations- What’s the moral of the story?

Have you ever felt so frustrated by an ongoing saga, that despite your best efforts could not be resolved?
What was the issue? Well: I was promised a great service, and I believed everything I was told, without double-checking if it was true (my mistake), and more importantly I ignored the niggling feelings inside me that was telling me to take my time; ‘this isn’t the right time’.
So yes, I spent the next 5 months being frustrated over something that my intuition had warned me to be concerned about.
This sense of frustration was made all the worse because when I would seek to address it with those concerned, I would receive no satisfactory response- they would not take any responsibility for their actions.

However, I know that I had made this worse by not doing my initial research about this organisation, and more importantly I had ignored the warning signs that were advising me to ‘hang back’; ‘take my time, don’t rush’. Nothing annoys me more than ignoring my own self!

An additional element to this was that I felt that my trust had been compromised by these people who set themselves up to be so trustworthy, and people of faith, etc. They let me down on a personal level, and more importantly I let myself down too.
I did eventually find someone within the organisation who would listen to my complaints and help me resolve the issue and whilst all’s not forgotten, I’ve found that I no longer ruminate on it as much as I did. Thank God!

However we all learn from these experiences (at least this choice is open to us should we choose to reflect on the experience), and the moral of the story:
• Trust your intuition- when it’s telling you something: listen.
• If something seems too good to be true- take your time and check it out (if it’s so great, the opportunity will still be around in a few months time)
• Make sure you tell your truth as you se it! Your voice is important.

So let me ask you if I may? Are you frustrated about anything at the moment? I won’t ask what steps have you taken to address it, as this is an obvious question.

thumb-up imageWhat I will ask you to do is reflect on this experience- what are the underlying principles you can learn and take forward? This is a sure way to reduce the strain of recurring frustrations. Happy to hear from you- your comments, questions, differing points of view!

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