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Book Review: ‘The Six Pillars of Self- Esteem’ by Nathaniel Branden

This is an encouraging book that explores why self esteem is so crucial to successful functioning in today’s world. Written in 1994, the book is of course as relevant today (for it deals with the human psyche) as it was 20 years ago. It describes the six practices or ‘pillars’ of self esteem:
The Practice of Living Consciously, The practice of Self- Acceptance, The practice of Self- Responsibility, The Practice of Self- Assertiveness, The Practice of Living Purposefully and The Practice of Personal Integrity.

In the book, the author gives practical examples of how each pillar / practice is essential to and is an expression of healthy self esteem and also explains the reciprocal nature that exists between self esteem and each practice.

There are many touching statements that leave their mark on me and one of many is: ‘The greatest injustice we do is to deny the greatness within us’. I have found the book to be soothing and healing on a personal level.

Throughout the book the author gives practical and personal examples to illustrate the points he makes and there are several personal development exercises using ‘stem completion’. The author makes reference to the impact and relevance of self esteem to both personal and business life.
I highly recommend this book for businesses and individuals alike.

What’s next?
To understand more about how low self esteem can create a permanently stressed state, read this blog: Ten ways to spot low self esteem. The blog also gives some pointers and offers training that can help with this.

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