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Promotion at work? Our habits can make or break us

This blog discusses how we can create new effective habits that can help us towards our workplace goals.

Let me first begin by asking: What do we know about ourselves and do we take note of what we know?
To succeed, we must be resolute in our resolutions. This requires that we practice habits and routines that will help us get where we want to be. Success in any avenue; work or otherwise, requires that we are disciplined in our behaviours.

This requires self- awareness of what our habits are in the first place.
For example, what are your tendencies when you make a new plan or decision?
 Do you stick to your new decision? Or do you find ways to sabotage yourself or / encourage yourself- or do you lie somewhere in between?
 A example of this would be: You decide you want a promotion at work; do you begin to go to bed on time, so you can wake early and arrive at work early? Or do you continue (or even begin) to go to bed late, wake late and arrive late at work? Sometimes, we act in ways that encourage ourselves, and at other times, we stand in our own way; we thwart our own plans. Do you have the discipline to carry this new resolution through? These are useful questions that we must ask ourselves.

Bringing an awareness to our helpful or unhelpful habits can really make a difference when you want to achieve a new goal (which by definition will take you out of your comfort zone, push your buttons and ask more of you.)


How can you make your habits work for you? This is an important question. It can make the difference to our success in the workplace or any other area of life we may be seeking change or progress in.

By identifying ways to encourage yourself that works for you, it can drive your success. Things that we can do include:
• Writing out an encouraging quote or statement that we keep somewhere visible
• Seeking the support of a Mentor or Coach to support us towards our goals
• Keeping a picture that reminds us of the change we seek, it can be a holiday, a new house.
Whatever it is, if possible, keep it visible, or record and listen to it regularly so that when poor habits tempt you you have a shield/ defense with which to bolster yourself and remind you to refocus on the change you seek to make.
Research states that it takes approximately 21 days for a habit to become formed like second nature, so keep encouraged and let the competence grow.

And remember the 3 pronged approach to succeed in any new endeavour:
• discipline-support- action.

Consider attending the workshop: Setting my Intention for the year Ahead– in this I explore ways of planning and setting goals that give you a real sense of direction and road map to achieve what you set out to achieve.

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